Recessed in-ground liner LED wall washer, fashion and beautiful appearance with the design of increasing heat dissipation to fully ensure the stability and long lifespan of LED fixture. the Adjustable beam angle illuminant module make the effect of washing wall accurate and perfect and the light body adopts in aluminum alloy molding, surface with anodizing treatment, faceplate use stainless steel. the lampshade adopts high strength toughened glass, and resist the impact and friction from the aluminum barrel. Adopts the CREE original LED light source in high flus output, excellent consistency of light color. Constant current driver with PWM gray control installed inside, RGB gray level reached to 65,536° equally, make the light result much beautiful. Lastly, the power of DMX512 interface adopts high reliable bus connection, all has the function of automatic addressing.

D0 – No Dimming

Supplied with 2200mm suspension cables (field adjustable) included.

Patent owned design, fashion and beautiful appearance the separate heat dissipation fully ensure the stability and long lifespan of LED light. With multiway rotate function of round support or “U” support available to meet the various occasions demands for outdoor projects.

LED Sources
LED – 1.6W


Beam Angle:  Diffused

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