Smart City

The journey has already begun

We believe that it is easier to begin a smart city journey with smart streetlights. Public lighting represents one of the finest powered grids – spread across towns and cities throughout the globe. It is a nervous system of a city that connects over 360 million streetlights worldwide with access to 24×7 power. Street pole is therefore an ideal spot for mounting smart city systems. For example, it is feasible to mount a security camera, an environmental sensor, a traffic counter or an EV charger on a street pole, only when the connected streetlight stays-off during the day time, while the power still flows through to the street pole mounted equipment.

Inter-connection advantages

Cities can benefit from the inter-connection between smart streetlights and other smart city systems. For example, street lights of the future will adapt colour on the path of an emergency vehicle – so that traffic ahead can start moving aside even before hearing the siren of an emergency vehicle. T-Luce secure DigiHub platform is designed to help cities to be future-ready and leverage such interoperability. Through our Open API approach, we enable multiple devices, systems and assets to be inter-connected.

Financially sound

Unlike most smart city applications, intelligent lighting saves you money from day one. Besides a lower energy bill and reduced operational expenses, they offer exciting revenue generating opportunities e.g. leasing space for smart advertisement billboards.


Are you looking for open, flexible and scalable smart lighting solution?

Yes. Then you are at the right place. Whether you need – Group control, Individual light control, or simply an Asset Management tool – we have the right solution for you.

No city is alike and each neighbourhood is unique. This requires great flexibility. T-Luce smart lighting platform combines a complete software suite (including 3rd party tools) and hardware portfolio to enable full control over your citywide lighting infrastructure. Our solution provides excellent flexibility to decide the right solution fit per neighbourhood. We have the right toolset to help you manage infrastructure through its complete lifecycle (from planning to post-installation services).

Management Software System

CityManager platform is a complete suite of web-based software applications that provides full remote management for your entire lighting infrastructure, both on an individual light and group level. Open architecture and Open API allow secure integration to any of your preferred 3rd party application.

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Cities are growing

Estimates indicate that by 2050 about 68% of the total population will be living in urban areas. It is a priority to find solutions on how to manage costs and logistics, while creating a liveable and attractive environment for citizens to live. Thanks to new solutions, today’s smart public lighting offers many ways to contribute to these goals and generate benefits for all stakeholders.

Smart Lighting can help cities to realise cost savings on energy, operations and maintenance, while at the same time help to create a more attractive and safer environment. It allows to remotely monitor, manage and control the entire lighting infrastructure and get insight on its performance – through a single platform.


The need for change is clear

Many reports all over the world support the fact that climate is changing. We have a joint responsibility to act and change the way we live. One of the key factors in this change is the use of energy. Apart from the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy, we urgently need to cut on the amount of energy being used. With the expected growth of energy usage by 35% in 2030*, the fact that lighting accounts for 19% of the total global usage* and that lighting accounts for 30-50% of an average city’s energy bill*, there is a great opportunity to improve by adopting Smart Lighting.

Citizen safety is a comprehensive concept that is deeply ingrained into everything we do. From state-of-the-art motion-sensor based dynamic lighting to smart notifications & alerts by email, we aim to combine energy savings with improved citizen safety perception