LED Light That Traps The Virus Donated to Blue Clinic and Bagno a Ripoli Library


The systems produced by T-Luce by an entrepreneur who lives in Asia but started from Bagno a Ripoli

There is an LED light that illuminates the rooms and “darkens” bacteria and viruses, including Covid19. Two systems have been installed in the waiting room of the Blue Clinic, others will soon be installed in the Municipal Library of Ponte a Niccheri. To give them the T Luce Italia of Alessandro Abbate, an entrepreneur originally from San Polo in Chianti, who has been working in Asia since 1997.

The donated systems are of the Saniled type which, through an innovative technology based on LEDs and filters, is able to purify the air from pollutants, bacteria and viruses. “Titanium dioxide in the presence of ultraviolet light produces a strong oxidative effect (catalyst) and can therefore be used as a photocatalytic disinfectant – explains Maria Bergmark, T Luce Italia communication manager, Swedish origins but adoptive town of Bagno a Ripoli (lives in Croce in Varliano). Saniled prevents bacterial infections within closed spaces, guarantees recovery from diseases in a protected environment, promotes healthy growth in a safe environment “.


At the Blue Clinic the two systems have been installed in recent days, while an inspection is planned for the Ponte a Niccheri library with the Municipality technicians to decide on the most functional location.

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